GIAC Software is now available for 2.0TDI Applications!

GIAC engine and DSG software for 2.0 TDI applications is here. Expect solid horsepower gains from the GIAC engine software alone, but even more with the GIAC engine and DSG software package:

Engine Software        Engine/DSG 
Software Combo
18-22 wHP                         18-22 wHP
20-22 wTQ                        60-65 wTQ

Besides impressive power gains, the GIAC engine and DSG software package offers a better driving experience. The stage 1 engine calibration increases pedal response throughout the rev range. The stage 1 DSG calibration includes raised torque limits, a locked M mode, and a slightly improved shift speed.

Software testing for this product was completed in-house using GIAC’s own 2013 Jetta Sportwagen using proprietary logging equipment engineered for comprehensive DME access and data acquisition. Dyno plots are included below for both the engine software alone and the engine and DSG software combination.

Dyno Charts

2.0CR TDI Dyno (Power at wheels)

2.0CR TDI & DSG Dyno (Power at wheels)