GIAC Stage 1 software is Now Available for 8V MQB S3 & Golf 7 R models


GIAC Stage 1 software upgrades are now available for the MQB 8V S3 and MK7 Golf R worldwide! Stage 1 software upgrades do not require any additional hardware upgrades; however, additional hardware upgrades will allow for more power to be made. GIAC software upgrades offer dramatic performance improvements over factory software, but retain factory-like drivability. On 91 octane fuel, performance gains are measured at 30 – 37 KW of power and 61 – 74 Nm of torque to all four wheels. In some areas of the power band, gains are as high as 39 Kw and 85Nm of torque (at four wheels) over stock. On 100 octane fuel, performance gains are measured at 37 – 45 Kw of power and 74 – 88Nm of torque to all four wheels. Gains are as high as 45Kw and 88Nm of torque (at four wheels) over stock in some areas. Our engineers have developed this calibration to ensure smooth drive quality and no issues with surging, turbo over speed, ECP lights or limp modes, when no actual hardware failures are present. For DSG models, GIAC has also spent a great deal of time to improve how power delivery is sustained between gear shifts.

Other notable features include the following:

  • properly calibrated air/fuel ratios,
  • dramatically improved throttle response for a drive-by-cable system feel (throttle delay removed)
  • raised speed limiters to factory redline in final drive gear
  • optimized torque control for smoother, faster shifting with consistent power across all gears

GIAC’s Flashloader handheld switcher is available for this application, complete with the following switching options:

  • 100-octane performance
  • Privacy Firewall

RAW All Wheel Power Dyno Plot: Stage 1 – 100 octane versus Stage 1 – 91 octane versus Stock:

  • Stage 1 91 oct gains over stock: +33Kw / +68Nm of torque at four wheels
  • Stage 1 100 oct gains over Stock: +38Kw / +80Nm of torque at four wheels